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“Unfortunately, we got the news that he was also going to have hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which was very devastating having been through this once before with our daughter, Ava, DeShaw said. Doctor Harold Burkhart is one of the countrys leading surgeons to perform a groundbreaking procedure using cells from umbilical cord blood injected right into the babys heart. “It’s a big deal, because there have not been any studies like this in the world to where you inject cells in the muscle of a baby with congenital heart disease in hopes that will make that muscle stronger, Burkhart said. Burkhart has had success with Miles sister and now with Miles, but it is a long road. Babies with the condition undergo a series of three surgeries. Miles just had his second one. “So, we have to figure out, through a series of operations, how that baby can live long-term with one pumping chamber doing the work of two pumping chambers, Burkhart said. They are hoping umbilical cord blood will help do that, prolonging the lives of children born with the disorder and decreasing their chances of needing a heart transplant in the future and, for the family, not one but two little beating hearts. “The fact that he just had heart surgery on Thursday and we’re going to be going home later today is truly a Christmas miracle, DeShaw said.

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https://t.co/ZAW76mZqGG CBS Sports Network (@CBSSportsNet) December 6, 2016 Thats a topic Im not going to discuss because one, we are not supposed to discuss other teams players in this position that I have here. So I violated one of the tenets of our thing. [] The obvious thing is, the word itself carries connotation. And I just dont understand that, that part of it the word. So I guess word choice could be something I could regret. But talking about other teams players, thats out of the box. For what its worth, its good to hear that Jackson now understands that its improper for team executives to publicly discuss players who are under contract with other teams. Sure, youd think he might have absorbed that at some previous point during the nearly 50 years hes been involved in the NBA as a player, coach or team president . But hey, better late than never, right? Whats less great, though, is Jackson continuing to say that he just doesnt understand the connotation that camewith the words he choseto use in recounting a LeBron storyduring a November interview with ESPNs Jackie MacMullan : It had to hurt [the Miami Heat ] when they lost LeBron.

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